As for the basement it must be remembered, among others, the danger of flooding and moisture, less the amount of sunlight reaching the measure, and in some cases with limited privacy.

At the statutory level also has to be defined, then the mediation of transport of people have to rely (see infographic). According to Ms. trouble definition. Michael Kibil definition of mediation is so blurred that may involve too many different entities. – With such a broad definition as intermediaries can be given to both the owner of the software license, and such. ISP – because it operates, which results in the transfer orders of transport, as well as the entity responsible for handling the payment process, a special purpose vehicle through which accounts controlled payments are, or even the owner of the server on which operations are carried out – because de facto it allows the contract of carriage, providing a platform for ICT – notes lawyer. – Of course, this calculation remains in a realm of abstraction, because no one is unlikely to be the owner of server complained that the agency operates the carriage of passengers, but it shows well, as can be ambiguously interpreted the law and is at the stage of defining broker – also dodaje.zobacz Lex Uber already consulted »in addition to the licensed agents will have many responsibilities. They will be able to commission only transport companies holding a license, they will also be obliged to verify that contractors have the appropriate permissions. They will have to check whether drivers have liability and accident insurance for passengers, and used by them for the transport of the vehicle has a valid technical research. Intermediary companies will also have to keep records of all employees and associates, and for five years (in electronic form) a list of orders.

For failure to comply with these obligations the Road Transport Inspection will be able to impose administrative fines (see infographic). The project also provides that the person providing mediation services should identify financial resources or assets located in the country. – This brings the ability to provide services in the field of road transport, only to domestic entities. Yes rigorous record seems to be in conflict with some of the guiding principles of the European Union, which are the freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services – draws attention attorney. Kibil. Restrictions intermediaries Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna course, you can place restrictions on the provision of services for solely by the companies registered in the country. However, as the lawyer, such exceptions are used rarely and carefully. – Mainly when the parent is protected interest, such as, eg. In the case of gambling.

In the case of road transport difficult this kind of overriding general interest to see what justifies the claim that the record as inconsistent with the acts of a higher order, may be declared invalid under the law – says attorney. Kibil. Lawyer does not hide that it is very critical of the draft amendments to the Law on road transport. The question of the execution of the provisions of the opposite opinion attorney. Paweł Judek, legal counsel with the law firm of Poznan and Dzialynski Judek. – Define transport agent entities of equal opportunity in the market for those services.

The competitiveness of companies such as Uber is not for the use of some forms of innovative activity, but on the use of drivers who circumvent the provisions of the Road Transport Act – says attorney. Judek. In his opinion, the adoption of proposed legislation will make the Uber business as usual is no longer possible. According to him, an Uber meet projected requirements will either uneconomical or unfeasible. – Even if the driver’s license will have the occasional transport of passengers, it will not be able to perform Uber for transport in accordance with its terms. In this case the customer contract must be concluded on business premises. There also should be made the payment, which means that no driver picking request by the application will not be able to meet the requirements specific to occasional services. Just so we just enforce the rules.

There are no obstacles to do it now, just lack the will on the part of control bodies – prawnik.zobacz also adds: Not only licensed taxi drivers. Uber also »Of course, a company like Uber will also be able to commission the carriage holding the license taxi drivers. It is difficult to predict, however, that the activity was equally competitive. For now, assures Magdalena Szulc from the press office Uber Poland, the company does not intend to give up our market. – Poland Uber is the third market in the EU. With the application uses more than one million users and thousands of drivers.

There are no plans to withdraw from the Polish, but as to the details of the proposed solutions it will refer to them in the consultation process. In many markets we have proven that we are able to adapt to different forms of legislation – provides Szulc. Stage Design legislative consultation 1) or suterenaAdaptacja floor space, which is not normally the dwelling can bring tangible benefits when it comes to buying. However, this has a lot of disadvantages. As for the basement it must be remembered, among others, the danger of flooding and moisture, less the amount of sunlight reaching the measure, and in some cases with limited privacy. In return, you can buy a unit of 25-30 percent. cheaper than a similar but placed higher.

You can also buy attic and independently carry out an adaptation of it for housing purposes. The process requires the west, time and money, so it is not designed for people, where the apartment is needed “right away.” But even taking into account costs for insulation, attic insulation and the device, it will be a profitable investment, and considerable advantage of such units is the unique climate and the possibility of unorthodox urządzenia.2) program for apartment MłodychPo expiry of the loan subsidies for His Family, the government introduced another solution for a specific group of clients buying an apartment from the state funding: apartment for Young. In this case, the 10 or 15 percent. subsidies (which in five years may increase by another 5 per cent.) may use a person to 35 years of age who are buying their first own apartment. Provided that it is purchasing from the primary market, and the property meets the range and surface condition stored in ustawie.3) Cheaper deweloperaW from each city are more and less popular districts. Lowest prices usually find on the outskirts, and when we add to this price reduction associated with the pre-sale developer, it is possible to purchase an apartment with a half cheaper than the average price in the central districts. But keep in mind that buying a pre acquire a little pig in a poke, because in the early stages of construction can not be accurately visualize appearance of the settlements and the housing.

For this you will be able to enter for 1.5-2 years, and I still need to take into account the cost of the device. In the case of peri-urban considerable importance is also the issue of directions to pracy.zobacz also: How to insure against bad weather? “The Poles have no problem getting their own contribution. Soon, it will be much harder »Bank does not want to finance the purchase of an apartment? Check, alternative forms of real estate financing »MdM: you have half an apartment? You can still count on payment »4) Flat to buy remontuPrzeciwieństwem” hole in the ground “from the developer is the choice of living in older housing, which requires the contribution of time, money and work.

By opting for a cheap property in the so-called. a block of concrete slabs can count on a lower price, although you should take into account the cost of repair, which, depending on the current state of real estate can range from a few to several thousand. On the plus side it is worth noting that buying an apartment to repair a pretty good price, you can buy a property in a good area, with a rich infrastructure and efficient access to centrum.5) Property of komornika25 or even 33 percent. discount from the market price can collect buying an apartment at auction bailiff. Such reduction is encouraging, but we must remember that the solution of this kind has several disadvantages. First of all, the supply of such housing is very limited. There is no place on the choice of the settlement, size of the property or the distribution housing.

Bailiff auctions is a small fraction of the real estate market and this is an opportunity rather than hunt for a selection of apartments. In addition, please note that the resulting rebate will depend, among others, of how many bidders can endure and how they will be determined to purchase. It may happen that the apartment will eventually be sold at a price higher than the market. The problem can also be existing tenants, which can not be discarded on the pavement if you have no where to live. Bailiff auctions are primarily intended for customers with cash, because from the moment of the auction the buyer has to pay two weeks. Sometimes you can extend this period to a month, but it is often too short a period to get a mortgage. Pros and cons of cheaper ways to buy a flat Source: Press Materials Five ways to buy cheaper housing is only part of the possibilities.

It is worth mentioning, for example, about the auctions in housing cooperatives, buying a property with the right of life in prison or the military, municipality or State Forests (here it is possible to buy even 5 per cent. Of the apartment). And at the end are simply negotiations with the seller, it is worth to remember that the greater the chances of success in this field is restricted to people with cash in kieszeni.Marcin Krasoń Wild, when the Central panel communication port at the European Economic Congress in Katowice, noted that all depends, however, on the course of the legislative process. “We are waiting on the decisions taken in the legislative process,” – he said. He recalled that last week the Parliament passed a special law, which will start the construction of the Central Port Communication. On Tuesday, the law will deal with the Senate.

During the panel, Wild pointed out that in the framework of this project, among others, creation and intercontinental port will be expanded national railway and road networks. “Next year should be already in the purchase of land, in the course of environmental studies. We should be after the election of technical advisers assisting us with the feasibility study needed to implement this project,” – he said. He announced that the next year should be decided in a competition for the architectural concept of the Port of Solidarity. Participating in the panel president LOT Rafal Milczarski estimated that the CPK did not threaten Polish ports including regional Katowice, Gdansk and Wroclaw. “Passengers will be most convenient to fly from an airport located close to their place of residence (…) market, for which we are fighting, building, CPK is a global market, long-haul air services can i pay someone to do my uni assignment. We are fighting for it to become the gateway to Europe for passengers from Asia, ASEAN countries. This global great game, we will try to educate SIA trend that we built a modern, convenient for airport passengers, will win the competition on a European scale as a hub airport, “- he said.

Milczarski stressed that LOT, after the “difficult years” for three years is the most dynamically growing airline in Europe. According to the head of the Polish carrier CPK is also an opportunity for the company itself, which can “fill seats on the new airport.” “We are the largest network carrier in Central Europe and we have ambitions to Central Europe – a total of 180 million people – LOT treated as the carrier of choice” – he said. On the question of whether LOT will be the capital participated in the construction of CPK, Nicholas Wild responded that “LOT will be enabled to develop the concept of the port.” “Whether LOT should be co-decision, it is a technical issue and the issue of the future. It’s a business decision on this, what measures should go LOT” – also said Wild.zobacz Hodges: The CPK NATO forces could move faster than the Russian army »” I do not know if I will be involved LOT capital, it is the government’s decision. certainly we will do everything to make this process in the sense of conceptual content, maximum support “- declared in turn Milczarski. The new airport is to be built between Lodz and Warsaw and has to be one of the biggest interchange airports in Europe. Its location is indicated Stanislaviv village in the municipality of rams.

After the first stage of the construction of the port is to handle 45 million passengers a year, and ultimately even approx. 100 million. It is built on approx. 3000 ha of land. By the end of 2019. To continue the preparatory work, and the port is to be built over the next 8 years.

The first plane is to fly to Baranov in the winter season 2017. Plague cases among police officers is another scene of their struggle with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration. Policemen who have limited opportunities to protest in this way manifest their dissatisfaction. They feel that they earn too little, and low salaries cause that is willing to serve less and less. The police there are currently nearly 6 thousand. people. According to our information, that sick leave may now be up to 20 thousand. officers.

That’s a lot, considering that the entire police service fully little over 98 thousand. people. Staff shortages can be a big problem, because next Sunday in the country will be held thousands of events associated with the hundredth anniversary of regaining independence by Poland. This is the most demanding in terms of safety – Independence March in Warsaw. How big is the challenge, show data from last year: the march was attended by approx. 60 thousand. people secured the event 6 thousand. police officers. Not counting medical services and firefighters.

See also: Polish police spokesman: Police officers on duty on November 11 will get 1 thousand. zł awards »The head of the police compounds: Officers of the L4 is not part of the protest action” Do not know how this year will be, if the sickness absence of police officers will increase. Therefore chief of police promises to those who will be on duty on that day, 1000 zł awards. For sure they will have more work than usual. If the police force will not be sufficient to ensure the safety of the public will be able to benefit from the support of the army. So is the Law on Police. Every year, Military Police helps the police in ensuring security during the Independence Day. As the press office gave us the Military Police, this year too, so będzie.Lista żądańPolicyjni unionists do not feel responsible for the problems of security events on November 11th.

In their opinion, they are the result of a lack of willingness to specific calls from the Interior Ministry. – For several months, not to please, and were just a sham – a sub-inspector said Andrew Gray, vice president of Police Trade Union and at the same time the head of the trade union structures in the province wielkopolskim.Resort affairs presented in late October a proposal written agreement.

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