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A Loxone Smart Home thinks the way you do. It understands which lights to turn on, which music to play and your preferred room temperature for different times of the day – whether it be in the morning or evening, or specifically when you’re cooking, relaxing or having guests over. This level of comfort can only be experienced in a Loxone Smart Home.

A Complete Solution for your smart home

A smart home with Loxone simply knows what to do. Be that in the morning or in the evening while you’re cooking, entertaining, or just relaxing. It plays the music you each want to hear – even if it is something different in each room. It creates the right atmosphere with lighting moods. It makes sure every room is always at the perfect temperature. All aspects of your home work together in harmony to ensure a level of intelligent-automation that is only possible with Loxone.

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Intuitive Control

Your home takes care of thousands of tasks for you, without you having to lift a finger. Of course, should you ever want to change something, a simple tap on a Loxone Touch is enough.

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