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Solar energy isn’t just clean and renewable it can also save or make you money,
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Benefits of Solar energy

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Installing a Solar pv system is not only a sound investment, it will also shelter you from ever increasing energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Power that pays you back


Manor Solar are the leading installer of Solar pv systems throughout the East Midlands, Lincolnshire, Rutland and Cambridgeshire regions. Contact Manor Solar today to find out how much you could save by fitting a Solar Power system to your home.

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Saving Money

“Will Installing a Solar power system to my house save me money?” This is the most asked question we hear and can be easily answered. YES, a solar pv system will save you money, but let’s look at how it all works.

In simple terms you get paid by the Feed in Tariff for every kilowatt of power you generate. This is set by the government at a guaranteed rate of 4.25p per KW for the next 20 years.

On top of this, on 50% of the power you generate you will receive an extra 4.91p per kWp (this is deemed to be an estimate of the exported electricity that goes back to the grid).

All of the electricity you generate you are paid for and is yours to use for FREE.

Whilst you are using the electricity that you have generated via your solar pv system you will not be pulling electricity from the grid, therefore saving you even more!

Solar pv systems are a sound investment and provide a solution to the problem of ever spiralling energy costs.

Is Solar Power Reliable?

Solar Power systems may seem like the new kid on the block but the reality is they have been around for over 70 years.

There are panels in the Sahara Desert that have been running continually for 27 years in sandstorms and blazing heat, others that have been in space for over 50 years and going from -160 to +200 degrees C every 90 minutes! So rest assured they can cope with anything the British weather can throw at them!

Manor Solar use the best Solar Panels by companies like Solar World, Phono Solar and Hyundai and they have manufactures guarantees that they will still be making at least 80% as much power in 25 years time as when they are brand new!

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Want to know more? get in contact with us at Cawoods Electricians to schedule your free call to work out if you can benefit from an EV Charging Point.

A typical 4kWp domestic system will cost around £5700 plus VAT @ 5%

All the major panel manufacturers warranty their panels for 10 years with a typical performance warranty at 25 years of 85%.
Our installation works are covered by an industry standard 5 years. Inverter warranties can be between 5-10 years depending on the manufacturer however these can be extended to 25 years for an additional cost.

Domestic properties will not generally need planning permission. There are some exceptions however such as listed buildings and properties in a National Park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or a conservation area. In all cases you should contact your local authority to seek clarification. More information on planning permission can be foundhere

In simple terms you get paid by the Feed in Tariff for every Kilo Watt of power you generate. This is set by the government at a guaranteed rate of 16p per kWp for the next 20 years. On top of this you receive an extra 4.5p per every kWp you generate that you can pass on to the National Grid.

As a rough guide, you need approx 27 sqm to accomodate a typical 4 kWp system. Please be aware there are now a number of manufacturers producing high efficiency panels which are smaller and therefore take up less roof space.

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